Masterpieces in Art

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The JRES Online Art Shop is Open! For Mother’s Day delivery, place your  online order by April 5 

Go to and  enter ACCESS CODE: JRESart2021 

Find your child’s art and/or Upload New Art.

You can order from art your child has created at school or  upload art from home. SilverGraphics will print it on face  masks, mugs, canvas bags, tiles, and other beautiful  mementos. Find the perfect gift for any special occasion,  preserve a memory of your child’s creativity, and proudly  display your child’s art on treasured keepsakes.  

You will be able to upload multiple pieces of art,  something your child created in the past, a new drawing,  or both. Sibling art, family projects, and photographs are  also accepted! To prepare your art for uploading, follow  these easy instructions for how to scan/photograph your  art.  

And if you’re wanting to enjoy your child’s artwork without  buying more stuff, we get it. Please consider a donation  to our art program. Checks can be made to JRES PTO,  noting Masterpieces in Art, and dropped off in the front  office. Or use a credit card on the PTO website  (, following the MiA donation tab. Thank you  for any support you can provide. 

For questions, contact Christina DeRop at 

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Masterpieces in Art is a non-profit arts education program created by passionate volunteers who are dedicated to teaching foundational art skills and inspiring confidence in creative expression for the students of Jeremy Ranch Elementary.



MiA was founded over 20 years ago in response to a lack of state funding for the arts.  What started from a school closet is now home to a thriving art room full of creative and gracious volunteers working collaboratively together.  MiA is a one of a kind arts program that has been built from the ground up. 



Our grade-specific art curriculum is based on core principles of elementary arts education:  line & shape in Kindergarten building to texture and gradation in higher grades.  We introduce students to a variety of mediums and seek inspiration from old world masters and contemporary artists.  



During non-pandemic times every class at Jeremy Ranch has had a Masterpieces in Art lead volunteer along with supporting art volunteers who worked with their JR teacher to determine a schedule for monthly art lessons in the student classrooms.  MiA volunteers spent time in our art room gathering art supplies, testing out projects and gaining inspiration & support from other volunteers.  During this unique time our volunteers have created individual Art Kits for every JR student and have filmed art lessons for in-classroom and remote learners to access.



As a non-profit we rely solely on fundraising to sustain our program.  We have always run two fundraisers every academic year.  Our Original Artworks Fundraiser allows for the purchase of products like mugs, totes, and jewelry customized with your child’s artwork.  Our second fundraiser, the Spring Art Festival, is an evening of fun artistic comradery including an opportunity drawing and a silent auction where winning bidders take home collaborative artwork – one has always been created by every class.  Since canceling our Spring Art Festival two years in a row (last year and this year), due to health concerns from large group gatherings, we would greatly appreciate in kind donations to our Masterpieces in Art program.



We have always welcomed new volunteers however this year our needs have diminished as we respect the directive to keep extra people out of the school.   Please keep MiA in mind when the environment changes and we can reignite our full arts program.  You don’t need a formal arts degree to be a part of our community, just a positive and collaborative spirit.   In the future consider assisting a lead volunteer or bringing new inspiration to our artistic repertoire.



Email us anytime at to be included in future art opportunities at Jeremy Ranch Elementary School!